VitaPulse and Free Radicals

Free radicals are a product of the energy production that is going on in our bodies and if you've ever questioned the reason for why you age, scientists have come up with a theory and it is based on free radical damage and DNA or genes.

Basically, an individual is born with a DNA and with genes which tell how that person will age and how long that person will live, that is the first part, the second part is that the body is also affected by other factors which can age us faster, cause health problems and so on.

One big factor is free radicals which actually cause accelerated aging in the human body, look at smoking if you want an example. Smoking is a factor that causes radicals because of the highly reactive oxygen molecules in the smoke that you inhale. Each time your body produces energy to use in your activities, radicals are also formed.

They are unpaired electrons, unstable and reactive, attacking the cellular membrane, the mitochondria, killing cells, being able to cause cancer cells, to cause cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's, heart disorders, etc.

People that have a higher metabolism also have more radicals in the body because their bodies produce more energy due to their active lives, for example, those that workout in the gym each day or athletes.

However the body does do something about this, it produces antioxidants and physical activity also stimulates the antioxidant production so you also get more of those. By the way, antioxidants are great against radicals because they can offer electrons to form pairs with them and that is how this prevents damage and prevents chain reactions and so on.

Now the thing is that the body does what it can to deal with those radicals produced by the metabolism but if you also add radicals that are caused by unhealthy eating, stress, smoking, alcohol, pollution, UV light and so on, it becomes a problem, the body will not produce enough antioxidants and therefore will receive more oxidative damage leading to health risks and ageing faster. Luckily we can get natural antioxidants from foods, vegetables, and plants but also supplements which take them from vegetable'plant extracts.

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